Taking care of Kendo gear


From my trip to SJMK 팔만무도구 in Korea.

How to wash men:

  1. Soak in hot water for less than 1 hour. Over that, and the leather around mengane gets soft.
  2. Wash and scrub with dishsoap and a scrub until the water runs clean and the bubbles aren’t dirty.
  3. Dry with a fan in a dark area. Sunshine will damage the structure and leather (sunshine on wet leather is the real reason they tell you not to dry bogu in the sun).
  4. Apply dye with toothbrush if needed.


Oiling shinai:

  1. Use camellia oil.
  2. Dip cotton into oil, place into shinai in two places:
    1. One right above the nakayui.
    2. One well below it, about midway between the nakayui and tsuba, right above the notch.
  3. Wash shinai with oil using toothbrush.
  4. Wrap and leave for at least 5 days, maybe longer (~3 weeks)
  5. Like so: http://sjmk.co.kr/soojae/rev.php?name=bbs_soojae_rev&mode=read&idx=150&nbpage=1

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