Fountain Pen Review: Lamy 2000


Pen: Lamy 2000, F

Ink: Sailor Jentle Oku-yama (Remote Mountain Burgundy)


  • Smooth, discrete nib
  • Good ink flow
  • Comfortable shape and weight
  • Posts well


  • Ink “window”
  • Reputation with regards to quality control
  • Small nib leads to choking up on grip


The Lamy 2000 is one of those pens that almost every fountain pen enthusiast seems to own, yet never recommends. Despite owning a number of other fountain pens, I never sprung for one until now, primarily due to the annoyance of having to ship it to a professional to get the nib looked at. But due to the amount of writing I have been, and will be, doing lately, I had the urge to go FP shopping again. I wanted a pen that wasn’t too flashy, something I could use in the classroom, on the bus, and in a café, without drawing too much attention. Between the Pilot Vanishing Point and the Lamy 2000, I opted for the 2000 mainly for the ink capacity.


I’m happy to say the pen has no issues. After flushing a couple times with warm water, I inked it up with a new bottle of ink, and went to work. I foresee many years of comfortable writing with the 2000. My only wish is that I had had it when I was writing my thesis. 🙂


On the ink: This is my first red ink. It is a perfect red/burgundy for me. Not too red, easy on the eyes, yet still visible, and dries a bit darker.



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